Frequently Asked Questions


What is a registered office address?
A registered office address is the official address of the company where the business is officially registered and therefore where all official correspondence is sent. This will include correspondence sent by Companies House or HM Revenue and Customs. For companies registered in England the registered office address needs to be in England; for companies registered in Scotland the registered office needs to be in Scotland etc. Usually P.O. boxes are not accepted by Companies House, they only accept a physical address. Wisteria Formations can provide a UK registered office address for you along with all statutory mail forwarding for £100 + VAT per annum.
Can my registered office address be my home address?

Yes, in theory your registered office can be your home address as long as it is located within the country that you are looking to incorporate in (for example, you would need to supply an address in England or Wales to incorporate a company in England & Wales). However when using your home address as your registered office you must make that sure you are allowed to do so, e.g. if you are renting a property you may not be allowed to carry out business from that address.

In addition you should carefully consider the privacy issues relating to using your home address. The registered office address of the company will be published by Companies House and will therefore be available to the suppliers and customers of the business as well as third parties. If you use your home address you do risk a disgruntled customer turning up at your home address, even outside normal business hours.

Does the registered office have to be located within the UK?

Yes, Companies House requires the registered office address to be located within the UK. It must also be located within the country that you are looking to register in, e.g. if you are looking to register in Scotland you will need your registered office address to be in Scotland rather than in England or Wales.

As all official correspondence is sent to the registered office address, the residential addresses of directors do not have to be within the UK.

What address should I provide for a director?
All directors of private limited companies must provide their usual residential address. This will not be available to the public and will be purely for the use of credit referencing agencies and public authorities. Directors may also provide a service address, a publically available address where they can be contacted. This can be any address, so if you wish to protect your privacy you could use your registered office address if it is different from your home address.